Do you want to Study in UK but don't know how to proceed ahead?

Leave all your worries to us and apply for the 2024 intake!

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Do you want to Study in UK but don't know how to proceed ahead?

Leave all your worries to us and apply for the 2024 intake!

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The UK is home to one of the best universities worldwide. Institutions like Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London not only carry a rich history but also offer cutting-edge research facilities and globally recognized programs. As a result, the UK has become an educational hotspot for students worldwide. Because english is a primary language in the UK, it becomes easier for international students to transition to a new country. So, whether you’re in the early stages of considering the UK as your study-abroad destination or you’re ready to board that flight, you’ll find this article useful.

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Why Study in UK?

Every year UK experiences an increase in international students across the globe wanting to study in those prestigious institutes. So, if you are still thinking about why you should consider studying in UK, here are some solid reasons that may encourage you to take your first step:

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Best Universities to Study in UK

Top Universities in UK

Universities in the UK are more than just institutions; they are hubs of creativity and critical thinking, offering a variety of study programs. Moreover, these programs are designed specifically to unlock the full potential of a student. However, sometimes it gets challenging to choose the right university to study in UK for many students. Let’s take a look at some of the best universities in the UK below:

UniversityDescriptionGlobal Ranking
University of OxfordKnown for its prestigious history and scholarly tradition, Oxford offers unparalleled liberal arts programs.#1
University of CambridgeWith a strong emphasis on scientific research, Cambridge has been home to many Nobel laureates.#3
Imperial College LondonIt specializes in science, engineering, medicine, and business and is known for its innovative research.#8
London School of EconomicsLSE stands out for its dedicated social sciences programs and influential research in global policy.#12
University of EdinburghOffers a vibrant community in Scotland’s capital with strengths in literature, medicine, and sciences.#20
King’s College LondonRenowned for its medical faculty and research outputs, KCL is a pioneer in various fields, including psychiatry.#31
University of ManchesterWith a strong focus on interdisciplinary learning, it excels in business, humanities, and engineering.#27
University of BristolKnown for its rigorous academics and research impact, particularly in technical and social sciences.#58
University of WarwickWarwick’s modern approach to higher education is reflected in its standout economics and business courses.#61
University of GlasgowCombines a rich heritage with cutting-edge research, especially noted for veterinary and medical programs.#77
Popular Courses in UK for International Students

Popular Courses in UK

Indian students can choose from a wide variety of courses the UK offers. The prestigious universities in the UK are not just known for their historic architecture and centuries-old traditions; they are the epicenter of learning where every course can open doors to new opportunities.

How Much Will It Cost to Study in UK?

It is very important to know how much will you be paying to study in the UK. Fees are in GBP, so plan your budget wisely. It’s crucial to plan financially beforehand and make sure that it is feasible for you to pursue your study abroad. To assist with this, the table below simplifies your task to give you an overview of how much you will be spending on your studies in the UK:

Level of StudyAverage Tuition Fees (per year) in GBPAverage Tuition Fees (per year) in INR*
Bachelor’s£10,000 – £20,000₹10,30,600 – ₹20,61,200
Master’s£12,000 – £25,000₹12,30,720 – ₹25,76,500
PhD£15,000 – £24,000₹15,45,900 – ₹24,73,440

*Conversion rates are approximate and based on a rate of 1 GBP = 103.06 INR. Actual rates will vary.

Scholarships Available in the UK for Indian Students

Scholarships play a crucial role in releasing the financial burden. And, the good part is that the UK has some really good options for scholarships for Indian students. So, below are some of the most prestigious scholarships available to Indian students:

ScholarshipDescriptionScholarship Amount
Chevening ScholarshipCovers tuition fees, living allowance, return airfare, and other expenditures.Full or Part Funding
Commonwealth Scholarship and FellowshipFor Master’s and PhD students, it covers fees, airfare, and living expenses.Often Full Funding
Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT)For professionals to study in the UK, it covers stay and costs.Partial funding
GREAT ScholarshipsFor postgraduate studies, in partnership with the British Council.Minimum of £10,000
Scotland Saltire ScholarshipsFor a Master’s degree, students in various fields reflect the positive character of Scotland.£8,000 towards tuition fees

Each scholarship is competitive and has its own set of eligibility criteria. These scholarships are planned to cover a substantial portion of the costs associated with studying in the UK, thereby significantly lowering the financial barriers for Indian students. As a result, this support makes the pursuit of higher education on international soil a more achievable dream.

Cost of Living in the UK for an Indian Student

The cost of living in the UK is also a very important aspect of planning for Indian students. Therefore, it’s not just about tuition fees; daily expenses play a key role in shaping your study abroad experience. Here’s a practical overview of the monthly living expenses one can expect while studying in the UK:

Cost of Living CategoryCost per Month in GBPCost per Month in INR*
Accommodation£400 – £700₹41,224 – ₹72,142
Groceries£100 – £200₹10,306 – ₹20,612
Utilities£40 – £100₹4,122 – ₹10,306
Transportation£30 – £150₹3,092 – ₹15,459
Personal Expenses£30 – £100₹3,092 – ₹10,306
Entertainment£20 – £150₹2,061 – ₹15,459
Miscellaneous£50 – £100₹5,153 – ₹10,306

*Converted using the approximate rate of 1 GBP = 103.06 INR. Actual rates will vary.

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Basic Requirement to Study in UK from India

Basic Requirement to Study in UK from India

Now that you have decided to study in the UK, it is very important to know the requirements before starting the visa process. Each requirement has its own significance, and you should make sure that you fulfill each one of them.

Academic Qualifications

The academic criteria can be complicated, and students should closely review the requirements of their chosen program. Additionally, universities may look favorably upon applicants with extracurricular achievements or relevant work experience.

English Language Proficiency

Universities offer pre-sessional English courses to help students meet these requirements if their scores are just below the threshold. Moreover, these courses not only improve language proficiency but also familiarize students with academic English.

Standardized Tests

These tests are a means for universities to assess a candidate’s suitability for the academic seriousness of their programs.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is your personal essay. It highlights your academic and career path with an eye on what’s ahead. It’s your spotlight. Here, you craft a compelling tale about your ambitions, experiences, and why you want to study in UK. Moreover, you write about your chosen field of study and pinpoint the institutes that can help your story unfold as you have anticipated. 

An effective SOP is more than a formality; it’s the thread that weaves together your past achievements with future aspirations, aligning them with the opportunities the UK offers. This document is often the heart of your application, and it must echo with authenticity and passion, clearly reflecting your voice and vision. It involves more than just meeting requirements; it’s about creating a connection with the admissions committee and convincing them you’re the ideal fit to study at their esteemed university.

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Passport and Age Considerations

Students must ensure their passport details are up to date to avoid any complications during the visa application process.

Financial Proof

Demonstrating financial stability is critical and requires careful planning. Students or their parents must show they are financially prepared for their education and life in the UK without relying on public funds.

Visa Documentation

Adhering to visa documentation requirements is as critical as the academic and financial aspects. Timely, accurate, and complete documentation can ease the visa application process considerably.

By carefully compiling the necessary documentation and meeting each of these criteria, Indian students can enhance their prospects of gaining admission to a UK university and receiving a study visa. Also, each step requires diligence and an understanding of the detailed requirements that are often specific to the course and institution chosen.

List of Documents Required from an Indian Student to Study in the UK

Indian students who want to study in the UK need to have all the documents well prepared in advance before they apply for a student visa. Let’s take a look at the list of some of the major documents required to study in UK:

Application Process for UK Study Visa

Application Procedure for UK Study Visa

It requires thorough preparation to start your application process for a UK study visa. Below is a step-by-step simplified guide to walk you through the application process:

The process can be tough. Yet, with the right guidance and resources, Indian students can confidently start this life-changing journey. Moreover, the UK education system delivers more than a degree. It’s a gateway to a global outlook and a successful career launchpad. So, contact us today and get your process started with the help of the leading study-abroad consultant in India.

What are the general eligibility criteria for Indian students to study in the UK?

Eligibility varies by institution and course but generally includes a combination of academic qualifications, English language proficiency, and sometimes work experience.

How can Indian students apply for a UK Study Visa?

Students should secure a place at a UK university, gather the necessary documents, prove they have the financial means, and then apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa.

What is the estimated cost of living for Indian students in the UK?

The cost of living can vary but generally ranges from £1,000 to £1,500 per month, including accommodation, food, transportation, and other daily expenses.

Can Indian students work while studying in the UK?

Yes, students with a Tier 4 visa can work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during vacation periods.

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