The client acknowledges that as we are a service provider, there is no scope for cancellation of the given services. The also client acknowledges that refunds, if applicable under Visas Centric’s refund policies, will be processed within 60 business days of submitting a refund claim form, along with a copy of the payment receipt and supporting documents. Failure to provide these materials may render the client ineligible for a refund.

Refund Policy for Withdrawal or IELTS/TEF Outcome

The client acknowledges that no refund will be given if they choose to withdraw their application or abandon the process for any reason after signing up. The client understands that taking the IELTS/TEF exam for English/French language proficiency and obtaining the necessary band scores is required for their application. They acknowledge that failing to provide these scores will prevent the dispatch of their application to immigration authorities. Additionally, the client understands that if they cannot meet the required scores in the IELTS or TEF exams or fail to provide the necessary certificates, they will not be eligible for a refund of their consultation fees paid to Visas Centric.

Penalty & Refund for Late Submission of Documents

Visas Centric prioritizes client success and strongly encourages timely submission of required documents to ensure a better outcome and swift processing of applications. Late submission may affect the company’s performance and success rate. If the client fails to submit the necessary documents within 60 working days of the agreement date, a penalty of 20% of the Visas Centric fees will be imposed. If there is a delay beyond 120 days, the case will be considered voluntarily abandoned, and Visas Centric will no longer be responsible for processing the application. In such a case, no refund will be given for any fees previously paid to Visas Centric. If the client wants to pause the process for more than four months, they must inform their case officer via email and pay an additional fee of 15,000 rupees. The client understands that the approval of their application is at the sole discretion of the Immigration Authority/Consulate/High Commission and that Visas Centric only provides consulting services and has no connection with the immigration body. Visas Centric does not guarantee the client’s visa approval from the Immigration Authority/Consulate/High Commission.

Refund for Rejection by Immigration Authority/Consulate/High Commission

In the event of rejection by an Immigration Authority, Consulate, or High Commission, Visas Centric will provide a refund as per their refund policy to the client. The refund will be processed within 60 business days after the client submits the Visas Centric Refund Claim Form along with the required documents. The client must include a copy of the rejection letter from the Consulate/High Commission and a receipt of payment made to Visas Centric. Failure to provide these documents will make the client ineligible for the refund.

Visas Centric won’t refund if visa denial is due to the following:

  • Client or family member’s medical failure
  • Inadequate police clearance certificate (less than three months old)
  • Insufficient funds to settle in the country
  • Provision of fraudulent documents/info
  • Violation of immigration or visa laws by client or family member
  • Late submission of required documents by Immigration Authority/Consulate/High Commission.

Visas Centric’s fee for its services is not refundable under the following circumstances:

  1. If a client receives an Invitation to apply for permanent residency but fails to submit the online application with all necessary supporting documents within 60 days from the date of Invitation receipt.
  2. If the Immigration Authority / Consulate / High Commission requests a visa interview and the client fails to attend.
  3. If the client decides to withdraw or abandon their application for any personal reason.
  4. If a client only makes a partial payment for the full service.
  5. If the client receives a positive result from the Credential Evaluation / Skills Assessment but fails to submit the other required documents to process their visa application.
  6. In the event of changes in government rules or delays from the Immigration Authority.

It is important to note that Visas Centric’s service fee is 100% non-refundable in these circumstances.

Other Events of Refund

Clients must submit a Visas Centric Refund Claim Form to receive any eligible refunds and a copy of their payment receipt to Visas Centric and other supporting documents. Refunds will be made within 60 business days of receiving the claim form. If the client does not provide the required documentation, they will not be eligible for a refund.

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